Touring Photos on Oct. 20 & 21, 2001

A Secret Mission : Surprising party during the touring to celebrate the 60th birthday of Mr.Suda/President of Magni Owner's Club of Japan

In Japan they celebrate 60 years old more than other yearly birthdays. The 60ths birthday is called "Kan-Reki" which means circulation of person became 60 yeas old usually put red clothes on.


A little rest while the riders having lunch at traditional Japanese restaurant

Start of surprising party : Dainese jacket presented by Magni factory

Illustration of Magni, on which celebration messages from Mr.Suda's friends are written

Memorial helmet with special painting

Details of helmet : The hand-written message on the helmet is photographically printed on it, as its figure was received from Magni factory  

Special thanks to the shop "TWENTY NINE" for their fine painting work

Magni aligned in the hotel courtyard

How is the condition of your Magni ?

Arturo, Classico, Sfida 1000, Australia, Sfida 1100, Giappone 52 and the club members